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If you've got a web site or you're thinking about getting one, you need to get this report right away because just 1 of the tips alone can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in lost revenue.

How You Can Avoid Making The
10 Most Common Design Mistakes

Responsible For Sucking Up Your Profits
and Driving Away Potential Customers!

Re: Avoiding The Top 10 Design Mistakes


Marlon Sanders here.

In this letter I'm going to give you details on where you can see seven different web sites and example critiques from our brand new 19 page special report.

But first I just want to tell you a little bit about what we did:

We spent three days conducting reviews of SEVEN different web sites that belong to some of our long time customers.

In every full page review we highlighted what they did right and what could use improving, then gave the actual steps necessary to fix the weak spots along with plenty of tips, tricks and resources anyone can use to incorporate the recommendations into their own web sites.

If you've got a web site or you're thinking about getting one, it's extremely important to read this entire report because just 1 of the tips alone can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in lost revenue.

Having said that, let's take a look at the seven web site being reviewed:

    1. Salsa Dance DVD (Evan Margolin)
    2. Get a Certificate (Brad Hauck)
    3. Detailing for Profits (Pete Egeler)
    4. No Splat Zone! (Mark Rosenberger)
    5. The Fire Dancer (Jack McCleskey)
    6. Wheel of Image (Matt Karr)
    7. Duane Forrest (Duane Forrest)

The 7 reviews give you real examples of how to fix the most common mistakes and gives tips and tricks on how to make the most of my new "Design Dashboard" product that I launched a few weeks ago.

Together the reviews and tips really help put things into perspective for you.

In addition to the 7 reviews, here's just a sample of what else you'll discover:

  • Top 10 web design mistakes you could be making without knowing it -- and how to fix 'em.

  • Why you never want to use a patterned background behind your sales letter text.

  • How to format the layout of your features and benefits without creating hard those messy and hard to control bulleted lists.

    These bullets are simple to create. Just type these four quick numbers on your keypad while holding down one other key and presto - instant bullets whenever and wherever you want 'em!)

  • Where to get an inexpensive graphic header made for your website that you can just drop right into your existing page template.

  • How to make sure you're not driving your visitors to distraction.

  • How to organize your site if you've got MORE then six different things on the main page.

  • How to balance out heavy graphics so you don't end up with the teeter-totter effect.

  • Where to put the biggest graphic on your page.

  • Why it's NEVER okay to use the "curiousity" factor alone when writing your web page headline.

  • How to "double check" your web page headline to make sure it passes the test -- or run the risk of your visitors passing right by it... sight unseen.

  • One trick you can use to get your visitors to read every single word of your headline -- before scrolling down to see the rest of your page.

  • Why it's NOT okay to use just any old watermarked background image on your web site.

  • The one FREE tool you can use to create FLAWLESS background images that tile perfectly -- every time!

  • How to check your web page load time in Dreamweaver, without moving your mouse or clicking a single button.

  • How to preview your web page in Dreamweaver in just 1 click.

  • How to use Dreamweaver to INSTANTLY change the size and color of every single font on your pages.

    Hint: You can make these changes to hundreds of pages in under a minute using this technique... but before you go racing off to check it out, there's 1 thing you've GOT to watch out for.

    (If you don't know what the potential pitfall is you can end up doing irreparable damage to your sites so make sure you READ THIS SECTION before making even a single change.)

  • How and where to clearly identify your offer on your web site so your visitors don't have to struggle to understand what you're selling.

Now that you've seen the sample critique, let's talk for a second about how you can get this complete 19 page special report -- FOR FREE!

To get your copy right now, all you've got to do is FILL IN THE FORM BELOW and you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the complete 19 page issue.

What you'll get after subscribing is access to a secret web page where you'll find a link to read OR DOWNLOAD all 19 power packed pages of web site reviews, helpful examples, reviewer comments, tips, resources, tools and recommendations.

Top 10 Graphic Design Mistakes

If you're ready to discover how to create a web site to sell more products, get more people to take action and potentially be more profitable then fill in the form above and check your email a few minutes later.

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders

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