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Of course you're always protected by our 100% standard 90 day satisfaction guarantee, which means, for any reason at all you can get your money back.

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Here's how the Design Dashboard guarantee works.

Click the icons. Follow the steps as presented. I guarantee you will get wins and you will get results. By "wins" I mean, you will get things set up and functioning that you didn't have before. You will get results. Things will start falling in place for you.

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The quadruple your money back guarantee is dependant on you following the steps in the Design Dashboard. If you simply didn't like the product then you'll receive a regular 100% money back refund.

I only allow 1 quadruple your money back refund per family, customer, corporation, or entity.

In the event of a question of fraud, I will give a money back guarantee, but not a quadruple your money back guarantee.